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Discounts For loyal customers

Collect Courses

Our loyalty program is aimed at regular customers who purchase at least seven courses within six months. In return, we offer them one free course {8 free course}. The loyalty program is point-based, thanks to which customers will be able to enjoy attractive bonuses and prizes. The system is simple and trouble-free, and its use is completely safe. Explore our great courses and take advantage of our offer to get one free course after buying seven!


The loyalty process requires:

  • So that you first register as a member.

  • Then book the course using the transport booking form.

  • Then pay for the course

  • After paying, you will receive information about the number of courses used along with online confirmation.

  • If you order 7 courses within 6 months, you will receive8 free course.

Free courses to use: 

  • 6 free course - only on EMA or from EMA{East Midlands Airport}

  • 12 free course - is only on or from  Birmingham Airport 

  • 18 free course - is only to or from Manchester Airport  or Leeds Airport (optional)

  • 24 free course - is only to or from Luton Airport

  • 30 free course - is only to or from London Stansted Airport or Heathrow Airport (optional)

In order to receive points from the loyalty system, you must register and provide your details.

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